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Expense in South China Normal University

I. Cost of Living

Listed below is a sample budget for a single student for one semester (3 months)


Per month/RMB Yuan

One semester/RMB Yuan

Rent for Accommodation



Internet service






Medical Insurance



Total Cost (approximate)

RMB 10,090 Yuan

* The costs listed are indicative and are subject to change. It will be updated on our website.

II. Tuition Fees

For the details of CBI tuition fees, please refer to Programs page.

III. Health Insurance

All international students are required to purchase the medical insurance policy named “Comprehensive Medical Insurance Plan of Foreign Students in China” during their study at SCNU. The valid term of the insurance policy should cover the student’s whole study period in China.

IV. Travel

Departure from Guangzhou, you can directly reach the popular places in China.


Airplane (price/hrs)

Train (price/hrs)

Bus (price/hrs)


1700 Yuan/3hrs

862 Yuan/8hrs

Not suggested


1280 Yuan/2hrs

379 Yuan/16hrs

Not suggested

Hong Kong

Not suggested

190 Yuan/1.5 hrs

65-80 Yuan/4hrs

* The listed airplane cost are at full charge with no discount.

V. Visa Application

After being admitted, a University Admission Notice and a JW202 (Visa Application Approval Form) will be sent to you for applying Chinese visa. You can apply F visa for short-term study which is less than 6 months, and X visa for long-term study which is longer than 6 months. For those who want to visit Hong Kong and Macau, the visa with 2 or more entries is advised.

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